OZOVAL S.A.S is a company focusing on green technology without the use of chemicals.  It has been supported in its development by the IFP Energies Nouvelles (formerly the French Petroleum Institute), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse (CCIT), Midi Pyrénées Innovation (MPI) and OSEO.

OZOVAL is an innovative company and the first of its kind in Europe.  Since its creation, OZOVAL has concentrated on two major activities. The first of these is related to the development of a new process called hybrid ozonation and is aimed at environment and health sectors in areas such as water and air treatment. The second activity focuses on the manufacture and marketing of all ozone products and accessories, as well as their applications.

One of our key products under development is a system whereby all machines running on water are able to recycle their water consumption. The potential target market includes carwashes, industrial and domestic laundries and many other applications involving non-biodegradable waste such as leachate, manure, vegetable water (from oil mills) and VOC.

OZOVAL has a modern approach to leadership and management, particularly in terms of research and development and market access. The management team is highly qualified and has extensive experience internationally in both scientific and commercial contexts.

OZOVAL is working to create a universe with clean technologies that will help to shape the world of today and tomorrow.

Industry Sectors


Water treatment plants,
chlorine-free swimming pools,
cooling towers, drinking water


Ozonators & Parts


Air Treatment